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Transforming With A Product Mindset

This post is a recap of the main discussion items from the Transforming with a Product Mindset session held on Wed Oct 7, 2020 12-1pm ET.

Discussion Circle Goal

Planning projects and programs individually on transformations fails to provide a mechanism for pivoting during uncertainty. This is due to the silo effect. Businesses must adapt their transformation planning to ensure the “new normal” includes a way to deal with the unpredictability and can be delivered with a holistic view.

During this discussion circle, Gunjan shared an approach for successfully delivering transformation with a product mindset. 

  • What factors to consider for a successful transformation planning?

  • How to apply product mindset towards transformations?

  • Post COVID-19 considerations


  • Gunjan Syal - Transformation Executive at Emerald Technology Group Inc.

Key Discussion Areas

This was my favorite transform this discussion so far. We dove into the concrete, actionable items, bringing together September's the transforming strategy, the transforming governance and leading with curiosity discussions.

  1. What factors are impacting the planning on transformations during the pandemic?

  2. How do the project vs. the product disciplines align, and how do they differ?

  3. What are the building blocks of a product-centric transformation, within the framework from Emerald Technology Group Inc?

  4. How are the roles changing on transformations to support pivoting when situations and customer needs change?

  5. What helps develop an innovation culture with a product mindset?

What's Next?

During the next event, we will discuss the role of machine learning in driving successful transformations during the pandemic. Join us for Transforming with ML. Until then, stay healthy and productive!


We can help establish and pivot your business towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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