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-GoEmerald to bridge Business, Technology and Data-

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Data-Driven Transformation

GoEmerald is not a consulting company. We are an outcome-focused innovation firm. Our product based approach to transformations reduces up to 75% of consulting bills for public sector and businesses.


We combine customer perspectives with business, technology and data to deliver measurable transformation ROI. We provide both advisory and delivery services. Our team has supported over 30 clients in 9 different industries.


Let's meet to discuss specific challenges your teams are facing on enterprise-wide transformations and actionable strategies which will help:

Data-Driven Innovation

GoEmerald delivers repeatable innovation by combining customer perspectives with business, technology and data. We are a data and future obsessed innovation firm for start-ups, medium and large enterprises.


How We Work

We use data to orchestrate ideas into visible, measurable and repeatable results with the following offerings:


Goal: Plan and deliver disruptive innovation through data-driven strategy, governance, planning and leadership


Goal: Plan and deliver transformation initiatives through data-driven strategy, governance, planning and leadership

C-level Roles

Goal: Fractional leadership to orchestrate innovation strategy into high ROI + responsible businesses

We deliver success by bridging key innovation perspectives:

key innovation perspectives
Why of GoEmerald



 Gunjan Syal MBA

  Founder & Data-driven CEO

I build, innovate and scale success using business model strategy, governance, data and technology. I am a trusted partner for the C-Suite. I enable organizations as a fractional Chief Data Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and a board member. My success stories span 9 industries. I advocate for data-driven responsible innovations at a global scale. Let's innovate together.

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