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What we do

Our core competence is to orchestrate innovation into ROI-driven products, services and businesses.


We separate the noise to define a clear success strategy, specific to your customer base and their needs.


We cultivate leadership, innovation culture and ecosystems towards a scalable customer journey.

We establish product-mindset and measurable OKRs among teams for a faster time to market.


Success Stories

How We Work

We accelerate innovation for start-ups, medium and large businesses to provide:


  • Resilient Return On Investment

  • Faster Time To Market

  • Streamlined Customer Journey To Success

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We use data to turn ideas into resilient products, services and businesses through:

  • Strategy

  • Organizational Transformations

  • Business Models

  • Roadmaps

  • Process Re-engineering

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Business Analysis

  • Innovation Journey Mapping

  • Governance

  • Product Plans

  • Business Cases

  • Product Management

  • Scorecards & Dashboards

  • Change Management Strategies

  • Engagement Models

  • Executive Coaching

 Gunjan Syal MBA

  Chief Strategy Advisor & Founder

I enable high ROI innovation and transformation initiatives using strategy, governance, data and technology. I am a trusted partner for the C-Suite and serve on the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. My success stories span 9 industries. I advocate for data-driven inclusive innovations at a global scale.

Innovation Insights

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What our clients say

“Is there anything you can't do?... Thanks for your leadership, tenacity and dedication... The results are amazing.” 


—  CIO team, Canadian Retail Grocery Chain