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GoEmerald Is Your Small Business Innovation Advisor

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Here is what GoEmerald provides you:
  1. An innovation readiness assessment to help you enter new markets, locations or industries to expand your business - this includes your services or products, and operations.

  2. Expert advice from our team with experience in 9+ industries. Our skills include business, strategy, technology, data analytics, transformation, marketing, process re-engineering and more.

  3. Development of an actionable innovation plan with measurable progress, highly catered to your business and team's needs.

  4. We're not just providing advice and walking away at the end. We are with your team from start to finish and are committed to delivering the results our plan promises.

Why Work With GoEmerald?
  1. Expand your business and revenue

  2. Permanently address your repeat operational issues

  3. Double your team's output

  4. Repeatable success without continuously paying consulting fees - we address the root cause issues the first time around

Here's the benefit to your business:
  1. New markets, industries and opportunities

  2. Reduced overhead costs

  3. Faster business transactions, without the loss of customer experience

  4. Respond to your end-clients more quickly

  5. Efficient supply chain, operations and inventory management

  6. Reduce manual work for team members through automation

  7. Increased employee happiness through better ways of working together

We have always championed small businesses by delivering highly catered advisory services, projects and board-level engagements. We are looking forward to working more closely with SMEs to drive the end-to-end repeatable success. We don't believe in implementing technology for the sake of it - it must bring repeatable and measurable benefits for your customers, employees and business year after year. This is the unique value GoEmerald offers.

If you are planning for the new year this holiday season, we are available to help. Contact us at to request a meeting and learn more. We want to make you and your team a success from the start.


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