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About Gunjan

Building, Innovating and Scaling Success

Gunjan (She/her) is Data-Driven Chief Strategy Officer at GoEmerald, and CEO at transform this.

She responsibly innovates organizations and ecosystems in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable. She enables organizations as a fractional CSO, CPO, COO, CTO and a board member by using data-driven strategy, governance and business models. She has led C-level innovation and product development initiatives for 38+ US & Canadian businesses in 10 industries. Each time, the goal has been to accelerate strategic growth by aligning organization, product and ecosystem to the customer success. She advocates for responsible innovation globally and has championed multiple success stories in this area.

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With over 15 years in technology, including at IBM and Accenture, Gunjan's experience spans disruptive innovation focus (data, AI, IoT, XR) in circular economy, spacetech, healthcare, public sector, transportation, retail and financial services. Gunjan has founded transform this, an innovation and research platform to enable global ecosystem-wide innovations. Her experience brings a holistic perspective to all client engagements. Visit Gunjan's data-driven profile below and meet with her to discuss your innovation and research needs.

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