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Evolution From Data-Driven To Innovation-Driven

Updated: Feb 20

Photo Credit: Trizz Studio Oriol Puig, Dermot Kennedy
The only thing that matters as a leader is the impact you create… on your consumers, employees, partners, society and organization.

Last year, I created and launched the Data-Driven workshops at GoEmerald. This series was an amalgamation of my own enterprise-wide transformation strategy and delivery experience with 28+ clients in 9 different industries. The material presented had been based on learnings from numerous organizational contexts, tech stacks and time. It was an honour to share actionable and novel strategies that increase the transformation ROI, through the Data-Driven Transformation and Data-Driven C-Suite workshops.

At a personal level, the most rewarding aspect from these workshops was the presence of so many diverse and global leaders. Leadership within the transform this community is a factor of the long-term impact someone aspires to create with their work and how they engage with others to materialize this impact. This egoless and inclusive melding of minds left me filled with gratitude after each of the 61 transform this workshops I hosted since June 2020. I thank our global community for these cross-border and unique friendships.

In addition to the workshops, GoEmerald and I volunteered our time with 11 startup organizations in 5 industries since 2020. These organizations leveraged parts of our strategies to develop and ship disruptive tech minimum viable products (MVPs). This included multi-stakeholder digital platforms, AI and IoT solutions. Impact to the entire product-set strategy and the overall organizational health from this work was incredible - at least the parts visible to us...

Here are the average results we saw for each of the 11 startup organizations:

  • 12% faster time to market for the disruptive tech enabled MVPs, compared to the previous iterations

  • 8% reduction in the development cost

  • 23% increase in the remote teams' ongoing delight and productivity

  • 25% increase in the end-consumers' ongoing delight

  • 19% increase in the ability to demonstrate ongoing measurable value to the society from the MVP (this novel metric we created was key to the client leaders and extremely important to our own values at GoEmerald)

We also received requests to continue the