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Coming Soon: GoEmerald's BorderlessAI

In a world of AI arms race and extremism, GoEmerald is building borderlessAI, without compromising our ethics. No LLMs: Just human focused solutions.

If you are a non profit focused on providing learning solutions for those without traditional privilege, please get in touch. We want to bring people along. Email:

Notice: Immediately after announcing this on social media on November 9, 2023, we saw multiple back-dated webpages pop-up marketing similar claims under similar names. This has been a trend we have seen over the last year, where early stage small business innovations are stalked online and attacked by unethical AI solutions deployed by "new age patent trolls" seeking marketable innovations to claim priority. We have seen this trend and have been warning other small businesses/ underrepresented founders to be on the look-out.

No matter - We are all ready to tackle this in following ways:

  1. Building fail-safes in all our technology to render any copying-over-the-shoulder useless

  2. Those claiming to have priority can, by all means, go ahead with their implementations and releases before us. We do not believe in an AI arms race. This is why we are not in competition with those rushing to push out untested, possibly flawed and assumptions-based foundational products that ultimately cause more harm, rather than good in the name of responsible innovation

  3. We are not building borderlessAI to simply earn revenue, but to scale the value proposition we have promised with all our brand. Quality takes time + team with a deep trust, especially at the intersection with ethics and responsible innovation. This is our promise with GoEmerald borderlessAI

  4. We will explicitly post updates as this work progresses. If you are interested in participating in our beta tests, please email

If you are interested in learning more or if someone is approaching you on behalf of our team under other pretenses, please report them here. Remember that if you are not directly hearing from Gunjan Syal, our Founder, you are not working with GoEmerald yet:


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