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GoEmerald Fighting Misinformation: The Current State

Updated: Feb 26

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I have been vocal on transform this platform and my social media channels about the way in which organized crime and intellectual property infringements have impacted both GoEmerald and I. Below is a consolidated summary of the current state. I will keep this up-to-date. GoEmerald brand stands for 100% transparency - we stand by it for our community and enterprise customers to make informed decisions about engaging with us.

1. Fighting Misinformation About GoEmerald & Gunjan Syal

As of Feb 26, 2024: Clarifying, a few things about GoEmerald to tackle misinformation (aka this is IRL us).

  1. We are NOT for sale, never was, not planning to be.

  2. We are NOT a non profit or a B corp. We are a for profit company with intellectual property in areas mentioned on our website.

  3. We are looking for direct customers, not “handlers” to “sell our business” to entities who infringed our IP and are now not sure how it works. We do have an audit service to help organizations impacted by this. Visit our website for more information.

  4. We do not “owe money” and have never taken out loans from banks or any other private entities/ individuals for any purpose.

  5. We do NOT employ or work with hackers or other illegal means to collect, aggregate or sell data on companies, people, countries or others. We do not believe in violating privacy in this manner.

  6. No one has “claims” over our assets, including any state/ country/ government body.

  7. We will complete a seed funding round in future, which will NOT be debt funded.

  8. We do not use third party lead generation services or external people to market our business. Ray Boots is our only Business Development Executive at this time.

  9. GoEmerald has not provided licenses to any universities/ consulting/ services/ tech companies to sell this IP or re-distribute it.

  10. GoEmerald does not have any active NDAs or other agreements barring us or limiting us from working with any clients or industries in any geographies.

  11. Our founder, Gunjan Syal, as an individual: has NOT provided power of attorneys (if there are, they are illegal), does not have a legal conservatorship over her making personal, business or other decisions (if there is, it is illegal), does not have any criminal associations, has never been charged with any crimes, is not in a coma, is not mentally ill, is not on any medication (other than cough drops). She does not have legal heirs claiming rights to her business. She is a young woman who was viciously attacked for assets in similar manner as geriatric folks. She is a survivor of organized crime sponsored by infringing entities for a vicious asset takeover. She is a survivor of bombardment with unethical AI, targeted for modern day slavery to build early stage IP for legally/ politically connected human trafficking ring and severe colonial research by competitors. They did not/ will never succeed in forced asset takeover because ethics is the moat for our works and it can not be copied by unethical means.

  12. GoEmerald, transform this platform and borderlessAI are not affiliated with any activist organizations but are passionate about enabling human-focused solutions at intersection of business, technology, data, public policy and economics.

  13. GoEmerald, transform this and borderlessAI are NOT working against governments/ leaders/ organizations/ national security departments etc - but attempting to work with them as our clients to enable human-focused/ responsible technology solutions. Our competitors have been defaming us covertly to lock us from these markets.

  14. Our IP has fail-safes to protect against misuse/ successful deployment, of stolen/ redistributed IP from us.

  15. We do not have multiple owners or a board that speaks on our behalf and we are NOT investors in companies that have taken our IP and are selling it to unsuspecting customers claiming partnerships or vendor partnerships with GoEmerald.

  16. If you are not hearing from Gunjan Syal or Ray Boots directly, you are not working with GoEmerald.

If someone is approaching you on behalf of our team under other pretenses, please report them here:

2. Transparency On Infringements Issues For Our Customers

Here is an overview of what transpired and how it has impacted the way we conduct business to ensure responsible innovation and clear, measurable impact is available to our customers from the beginning. We are mindful of managing risk for our team, customers and all stakeholders involved.

3. Fail-safes In Our IP For Our Enterprise Customers

The con-sulting firms and their technology partners who stole our intellectual property are not the original inventors and lack the information on how to overcome fail-safes in our IP. These firms have traditionally been seen as a less risky approach compared to smaller firms like GoEmerald.

Data and AI solutions work very differently compared to infrastructure solutions. Those who are not the original inventors; or lack skills to advice, deploy or build technology solutions will promise short-term profits, but deliver multiple and expensive issues. More information included below:

4. Innovation Audit: For Impacted Enterprise Customers

GoEmerald launched a new offering for customers who are seeing botched past data, transformation or sustainability projects; or have made investments in past and not seen any measurable/ tangible benefits.

We recommend you do not fall for marketing and buzz-words from our competitors. Ask for real results your specific organization can expect to see from the strategic advice, technology tools and implementations being promised to you.

You can read more about it at the link below, including how to engage with us:


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