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Happy Holidays & Vows For 2024

Hapy Holidays from GoEmerald

To everyone who has been following GoEmerald and transform this in 2022 and 2023, you are aware that we have been dealing with severe bouts of organized crime and personal attacks motivated by big consulting and big technology intellectual property thefts.


For Our Enterprise & Public Sector Clients

We want to thank everyone who stood by us and offered support in both direct and indirect ways through this difficult time. Innovation and big ideas are not limited to big companies and big money. This is why GoEmerald is not going anywhere and we are still committed to working with our enterprise customers who want to bring in real, visible, actionable change in their organizations, rather than marketing claims that fail to deliver value after spending millions of customer dollars on multi-year transformation, data, AI strategies, and claims to corporations more sustainable.


To fight misinformation, we created the page linked below with our enterprise customers and their interests in mind. We want to ensure our IP does no harm, even in hands of those who do not know how to use it correctly - this is where it is important to share fail-safes with our customers to recognize when they are dealing with stolen works.

100% transparency at all times is an unwavering commitment from the GoEmerald brand.

We do not hide behind unproven and marketing claims of being "the most secure" or "the best so and so". We believe in acknowledging known vulnerabilities and risks openly to help our customers address concerns IRL, and avoid harm.

We are simply standing behind our own work, helping our customers evaluate risks of working with us as a small entity vs multi-nationals who are aggregating IP from small players and creating substantial risk at outrageous costs for their customers. The manner in which this IP is procured also breeds organized crime at global scale, something I have witnessed first hand.


More information is available here, along with our value proposition for the companies: 


Measuring incorrect metrics or deploying additional tools/ technologies that do not actually provide the impact for your corporate stakeholders only creates more unhappy customers with marketing claims that do not produce actual results and economies that are ill prepared for the future. Public sector policies that rely on wrong data make at-scale decisions that harm people, rather than support progress and growth.


We hope to work with you directly to create measurable, visible and repeatable progress in 2024, so that economic growth expands at global levels. Links below provide additional context and information.

For Founders & Those Experiencing Modern Day Slavery

We are also committed to enabling under-represented individuals and founders at a global scale. Modern day slavery has no place in this day and age. Unethical AI and technology tools that enable this, or make it easier for people to set up "slave owner" businesses need to go extinct in 2023.

There is NEVER a scenario in which a business disagreement or refusal to sell a business leads someone to be forcibly drugged, human trafficked across states to "distribute IP", forced into mental institutions to strip them off their assets/ reputation, violation of privacy/ asset ownership, unethical surveillance or being cut off from police/ legal support.

Big ideas and big impact are not limited to big corporations and big money with power.

A great business idea is like the energy in our vast universe - it never dies but it does transfer "ownership", with or without consent.

Often this transfer in ownership happens without the knowledge of the founder (aka theft takes place under the umbrella of "faster execution" or "competition against an adversary", often at the cost of real impact and for short term revenue aggregation). Companies and people running "technology transfer" programs often end up participating in this machinery, knowingly or unknowingly. Those participating willingly are what I call, "new age patent trolls".

If you think your idea is not bringing revenue it should and are thinking about giving up, let's talk first. Giving up your vision, tools and technologies to people who do not understand them leads to aggregation of IP in hands of those who will use it to develop unethical tools (knowingly or unknowingly) or find applications which can cause harm.

Ethics and founder-ship are the moat for long term, sustaining technology businesses that bring revenue and lift up all of humanity. This is especially true of data and AI toolsets.

The ideas, visions and disruptive innovation are best brought to life by the individual(s) who came up with them - we are committed to enabling this at GoEmerald and transform this. There is a no place for those in 2024 who inflict slavery, human rights violations and financial damage on generations of people without high-ranking political, legal and business connections. We will share more information about this in the new year. We invite everyone interested in collaborating with us to join the transform this community:


We hope to see you for an invigorating, multi-perspective 2024 that creates opportunities for everyone enabling real economic growth.


Until then, wishing you safe, sustainable and superb holidays!


Signing off and see you in 2024,

-Gunjan from GoEmerald and 'transform this'


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