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Post-Pandemic Innovation Platform

Circular Innovation DNA: For Individuals, Public Sector, Start-Ups and Enterprises


For success and growth in today's world, we must change. This is the path towards innovation, fueled by data and disruptive technology. 'transform this' exists to ingrain circularity & responsible innovation into our lives. We combine decision support tools, analytics, and responsible AI with human ingenuity to solve the most ambiguous challenges:

  • We enable business and ecosystem innovation

  • We accelerate innovation ROI for organizations

  • We grow our community members into leaders who innovate responsibly


Join our global community and let's develop practical, innovative solutions to the real-world problems, in a responsible manner.

transform this Values

  • Building and sustaining a circular economy: on the Earth and in the Space

  • Unbiased focus on developing resilient people, teams, organizations and economies

  • Cross-industry collaborations

  • Enabled by latest research and innovation 

  • Inclusive, diverse, multi-perspective and responsible on purpose

  • Authentic and transparent

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