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Transform This

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Innovation & Research Platform

For success and growth in the post-COVID world, our organizations must change. This is the path towards innovation, fueled by disruptive technology. We are on a mission to enable business and ecosystem innovation. We accelerate innovation ROI for organizations. We grow our community members into C-Suite leaders who innovate responsibly. Join our community and let's develop practical, innovative solutions to the real-world problems, in a responsible manner.

transform this Values

  • Building and sustaining holistic ecosystems for the seven future generations 

  • Unbiased focus on developing resilient people, teams, organizations and economies

  • Cross-industry collaborations

  • Enabled by latest research and innovation 

  • Inclusive, diverse and responsible on purpose

  • Authentic and transparent

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'transform this' Private Workshops are highly engaging and cross-functional forums for your teams. These proprietary workshops align your cross-functional teams with business, technology, and data strategy at an enterprise-wide scale. The result is long-term positive ROI for the entire business.