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Innovation Audit Services For Measurable Impact & Results

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I have been vocal about the goEmerald intellectual property, as well as vision, infringement in transformation, data strategy, sustainability and responsible/ disruptive innovation areas. Over last year, I have seen multiple counts of theft and use of our marketing, intellectual property and technology services/ tools development with incorrect applications. While you might see short term benefits from our competitors' interpretation of our IP, it will cause medium to long term damage to the organization and teams.

We would not stand by and let serious harm come to our clients and society at scale, from a vision robbed from us by those who did not understand it and rushed to implement it incorrectly in the name of revenue. This is unethical and the opposite of responsible innovation. So we are doing something about it.

I have already shared about the fail-safes I built into our services and some very specific issues the unsuspecting customers on receiving end of stolen intellectual property will expect to see. It is easy to fall for "stories" of past success with only partial narratives from similar projects in the industry.

However, incremental transformation, data, AI and disruptive technologies work very differently from what you may have seen with infrastructure specific projects in the past history of your organizations. It is possible to provide a projection of measurable success, if you are working with this IP correctly and respecting the fail-safes (not available to those who took our work without permission).

We recommend you do not fall for marketing and buzz-words from our competitors. Ask for real results your specific organization can expect to see from the strategic advice and implementations being promised to you.

Today, GoEmerald is launching a new offering for customers who are seeing botched past data, transformation or sustainability projects; or have made investments in past and not seen any measurable/ tangible benefits. You can book time with us using the links at the bottom of this page.

As a part of this service, GoEmerald will help you perform an enterprise-scale audit, starting with the sponsor executive's team.

Every leader in every organization (large, medium, small, start-up, public sector and non profit) who wants to drive their team and customers towards superb experience deserves the very best approach for their organization. Rather than inherit multi year, multi million dollar plans which fail to deliver value.

Note the inclusion of start-up founders above. This is because we have noticed many who have infringed our IP now claiming to be sustainability, responsible innovation experts and approaching start-up founders as board advisors. We want to ensure any start-up finding themselves executing on advice from such actors have the opportunity to get a second opinion from the original authors of the IP. Alternatively, if you are a late stage startup that has already made substantial investments on such advice, we can help you re-align towards concrete results/ outcomes.

Additionally, we also noticed some competitors have begun using our stolen IP to create and sell AI toolkits and products to both enterprises and consumers. When AI tools are built on foundational frameworks and world views which do not belong to the development teams, or are not well understood, the result is accelerated issues at-scale which are difficult to control. This is because the assumptions built into solutions are unchecked, unidentified and untested by the development team who do not possess the know-how original inventors do. Taking someone else's world view and tagging it as responsible innovation or responsible AI in marketing does not make up for issues in foundational product-set. This is another reason why we are adamant about bringing these infringements to light for our customers, who will not see these issues until it is too late, post-deployment and in production environments, with direct impact to end consumers.

In the end, ethics is the real moat for data, AI and sustainability initiatives. We understand customers have a choice and we respect it. As original authors of this modern intellectual property with fail-safes to protect misuse, we also curb organized crime which targets vulnerable people with innovative minds before they can realize their potential. We will enable global equity in our lifetime through this work, while delivering positive ROI for businesses. We promise to work with you and produce visible, measurable and repeatable results from the start.

PS. We never let a lead go unanswered. If you do not hear from us within 2 days, feel free to DM me and I would love a collaborative discussion. 🙌

Book your initial audit session using the links below.

Also, if you are not hearing from me (Gunjan Syal) directly, you are NOT working with GoEmerald.

Looking forward to enabling your success together, while enabling your long term safety from white collar IP crimes.

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