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The Transforming Strategy

Discussion Circle Goal

COVID-19 has created challenges and opportunities on a massive scale globally. The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt all elements of their enterprise to stay competitive during this transition to a “new normal.” This event was a practical conversation about designing a strategy for enabling successful transformations:

  • What is a transformation strategy?

  • What factors impact a successful strategy?

  • Post Covid-19 considerations


  • Gunjan Syal - Transformation Executive at Emerald Technology Group Inc.

Key Discussion Areas

It was a privilege to discuss shifts in the way we create transformation strategy with professionals from multiple industries, with a global perspective. Our discussion covered perspectives from at least three industries, deep-diving into specific situations as well.

We covered:

  • What was the typical approach to the transformation strategy development pre-COVID?

  • What is the documented risk exposure of the pandemic on various industries, based on industry data?

  • What are businesses focused on now when designing transformation strategy, and what are the key aspects of the strategic planning?

  • What external factors are impacting the businesses now at a macro and micro level? We used grocery industry as an example for a mini-workshop

  • What has worked well, what are the current areas of struggle, when approaching innovation?

  • What is the basis for delivering innovation at scale?

What's Next?

During this event, we covered key aspects of the transformation strategy work, as it relates to focus on customer needs alignment during the pandemic. We also discussed the need for increasing the frequency of strategic conversations and informed pivoting, with "risk and resiliency" in mind.

During the next discussion circle, I will share a dynamic approach to combining strategy development and execution on transformations, which aligns customer needs at all times with the faster ROI for the businesses. I hope to see you there for another knowledge sharing conversation.


We can help establish and pivot your business towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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