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Leading With Curiosity

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Discussion Circle Goal

What is the difference between managing a business vs leading it towards success in the pandemic world?

TED  Circles' September 2020 theme is "Leading with Curiosity". This is aligned to the leadership required to enable transformational change many organizations are facing due to COVID-19. If you are wondering how to make curiosity your superpower as a leader, join us for this safe-space discussion circle jointly hosted by TED Circles, Emerald Technology Group Inc.

  1. Watch this TEDx talk that represents the topic online BEFORE the event:

  2. Discuss your thoughts and key takeaways from the TEDx talk

  3. Share personal success stories and strategies for success as a leader with curiosity

* This event is limited to 25 attendees.

* This event will not be recorded so you can discuss your thoughts and opinions freely with other attendees.


  • Gunjan Syal - Transformation Executive at Emerald Technology Group Inc.

Key Discussion Areas

It was enlightening to host this discussion circle focused on benefits of curiosity and how to lead with it. My gratitude to the people from 4 different countries sharing their unique perspectives. We covered following topics and shared many personal stories to share context behind our thinking. It was a wonderful give and take of inspiration:

  1. What is that ONE defining moment/ person who inspired us to be curious from young age?

  2. Do we lose curiosity as we grow up in a culture that encourages conformity in both personal and business situations?

  3. 3 big curiosity killers and what are the differences between them: comfortable, complacent, and fear of failture?

  4. What is the value of deliberately becoming distracted and exploring thought-spirals? Personally, I think these thought-spirals are the hot-spot for the innovation

  5. What is the role of spirituality in making us curious and resilient when we face challenges as a result of curiosity?

  6. What helps to tie findings from 'distractions' to the objectives, both business and personal?

  7. Bonus: Books that have helped this group stay curious - Homo Sapiens: A Brief History, The Lean Startup, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance

Best Quote

María: "FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real, or Future Events Already Ruined"

What's Next?

During the next month's TED Circle, Everyone's Environment, we will discuss the transformational policies for a prosperous and sustainable world. Until then, stay healthy and productive!


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