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Transforming With Machine Learning (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This post is a recap of the main discussion items from the Transforming with Machine Learning session held on Thurs Oct 8, 2020 12-1pm ET.

Discussion Circle Goal

Data and analytics are the cornerstone of business success post-COVID. Machine Learning (ML) has the capacity to launch businesses into the next century by enabling innovative transformations now. This event is a practical conversation with Jiri about:

  • What should the business teams know about ML?

  • What competitive advantage does ML bring to a business? 

  • How can an enterprise begin transforming with ML, especially during the pandemic?


  • Jiri Stodulka - data scientist with a Master’s degree in Applied Economics.

Key Discussion Areas

Jiri took us on a journey which explained differences between AI, ML and data science initiatives. For me, the highlight of the session was the slide below explaining the competitive advantage ML offers businesses, especially in the pandemic world:

  1. Jiri:"Your AI and ML is only as good as the data in the company". This highlights the importance of data gathering, quality and analytics capabilities for a business.

  2. We talked about roles such as data analysts vs data scientists, including how they add value to the data quality focus.

  3. We talked about the maturity curve and its importance, including examples of companies in the public eye.

  4. We covered examples of innovation in AT and ML solutions recently, such as Microsoft Teams' transcribe feature which works well with accents.

What's Next?

We will continue the discussion about driving successful transformations during the pandemic, with a data theme again this month:

Until then, stay healthy and productive!

Full Session Recording


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