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Impact From Failing 3,741 times...

Updated: Feb 16

Iterations lead to success
Photo: Inc Magazine

In January 2021, I created and adopted a new approach called FAFAP. FAFAP = Failing As Fast As Possible. Things immediately became interesting and I have collected 3,741 failures year-to-date with some great success stories to match.

The motivation for this came from the strategic framework I created last year, along with an updated professional mission. I had also identified many diverse paths leading to the same value-driven, long-term objective. Trying them one at a time would have taken a lifetime, while choosing only one could produce the risk of regrets later in life. So, I gave myself a March 31, 2021 deadline to fail at as many things as possible, towards each of the carefully chosen paths.

The goal was to front-load major failures/ risks for each path through strategic planning. I layered this with accelerated and informed decisions everyday - to continue investment in a failing path, or explore other options towards the same objective. Hypothesis was that by the end of 3 months, most of the paths would either self-eliminate or merge, leaving only the most viable options for the future focus. I eventually reached daily sprints, leading to exactly 3,741 failures on March 30, 2021.

Compared to my recent history, this equates to at least 4 years' worth of failures in less than 3 months.

My volume of success stories during January-March 2021 time frame was less than one-third of the failures. Yet, they are far more impactful and more frequent than ever before. In addition, I developed and immersed myself in one of the most inclusive, innovative, dynamic and global ecosystems, for which I am eternally grateful (aka the transform this tribe).

I had shared the update above in a LinkedIn post recently, specific to the transform this tribe.

Here is a view into the all-inclusive experience from this 3-month effort at a professional level: