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May 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

April 2020 was a test of the speed at which humanity can transform for survival. The businesses that made it through the tunnel this month evolved to support the needs of their customers right now. We were beside our clients every step of the way through this journey.

We helped our client businesses identify what specific factors were driving the changing needs among the end-users. Then, we mobilized the plans and operational processes to deliver these needs with a remote workforce and suppliers. In parallel, we worked with our customers to update the transformation roadmaps and growth plans for long term delivery. Over the next few month, we will continue to work alongside businesses to deliver success.

Gunjan, launched 'transform this' in March 2020 aimed at sharing the knowledge that enables transformations. With your support, the initiative matured further in April.

NEW: Journey to MLOps Webseries

Apr 28: Join us as Raki Rahman and Gunjan Syal discuss the historical evolution of Big Data, DevOps and Machine Learning, in a way that doesn't require extensive technical background to appreciate how each of these concepts are fundamental per-requisites for the transformational success.

The first episode covers what is the big deal about Big Data. The second episode will break down the history of Hadoop, logical transition from MapReduce, the big deal about Spark and Raki's experience with the Azure Databricks.

New Episodes: Virtual Coffees Webseries

DevOps Journey: Gunjan is joined by Maria Pronin from Microsoft to discuss stages of a successful DevOps journey on transformations.

Read Maria's blog post with tips to develop successful DevOps programs.


Cybersecurity On transformations: Gunjan is joined by Daniel Zaman from GullFoss Technologies Group Inc. to discuss guidelines for ensuring optimal cybersecurity on transformations.


AI Ethics and Transformations: Gunjan is joined by Stephanie Kelley to discuss the importance of considering AI ethics during digital transformations.

Read Stephanie's guide to an ethical AI transformation.


Transformations Amid COVID-19: Gunjan is joined by Alexandre Cazi to discuss how COVID-19 has forcibly changed the way businesses approach their customers and the important factors affecting the success of businesses in this environment.

Get in Touch

If you are a start-up, small or medium-sized business struggling due to COVID-19, contact us for a free consultation.

Thank you for joining us online in April. We will continue to bring you exciting new transformation-themed content.

Until then, Stay Informed & Stay Safe!


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