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DevOps Journey (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Gunjan is joined by Maria Pronin from Microsoft to discuss stages of a successful DevOps journey on transformations. Read Maria's blog post below the video.

DevOps Journey Summary

by Maria Pronin, April 2020

Nowadays, a successful company must always watch how customers’ wants and needs change in the current digital world. New opportunities and capabilities disturb ‘business as usual’ at a higher rate than ever. Examples are e-commerce, streaming, ride-sharing etc.

Therefore, to keep a competitive advantage, enterprises must continuously undergo digital transformation, i.e. give customers what they want in the format that they like. The examples are online banking, e-commerce support for retail, mobile capabilities, support via chat.

A successful strategy must take all this into account:

  • A strategy is what gives a competitive advantage

  • People and culture is what sustains that advantage

  • Technology is the tool that helps to implement that strategy

Digital transformation is NOT the technology or set of tools; it is about continually bringing value to customers.

Key aspects of successful digital transformation are:

  • A strategy is well-aligned with current customer needs.

  • Culture is agile and welcomes constant change and innovation.

  • Technologies and tools are tuned to the needs of strategy.

DevOps is a delivery methodology that covers everything mentioned before. DevOps includes people, processes, and tools. DevOps can help companies to continuously digitally transform.

What is Azure DevOps - union of people processes and tools that help org