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Jan 2021: Let's Talk Innovation

I hope you are enjoying a healthy and productive 2021 so far.

Thanks to our tribe, 2020 was an amazing year for GoEmerald and transform this with 25+ innovation workshops. As shared in my LinkedIn post earlier this week, we have been actively disrupting GoEmerald and transform this business models for the last 2 months to scale up these efforts. The end goal is to create resilient enterprise-wide innovation across the globe.

Our tribe has grown 2X in the last 3 weeks, thanks to the support from our global community. This is a clear indication that the post-COVID world is demanding accelerated innovation across all industries. This is a consistent ask whether you target small, medium or large enterprises, including start-ups. Conversations with you inspired GoEmerald and transform this to offer three new services. These enable you to engage in Innovation On-Demand.

In this post, I wanted to share a preview of what you can expect from us in 2021 and, more importantly, how to engage with our tribe as a whole. Keep reading below…

Innovation Insights

With inspiration and interest from couple of our workshops last year, we created in-depth innovation reports covering practical use cases demanded by businesses, owing to the changing customer needs during the pandemic. Spoiler alert:.....

technology is the key enabler for these use cases. We believe a technology is only as good as the people’s ability to successfully deploy it and live with it. This is why these insight reports focus heavily on considerations that ensure definition and delivery of success during the development, deployment and scaling of these use cases in real-life situations. These considerations include the business models, strategy, organization structures, leadership, policies, ethics, governance among others.

In 2021, we will host workshops to dive into strategic orchestration of these use cases. You can join our tribe to request complementary access to a report of your choice and receive notifications for the future workshops.

AI in Healthcare

Request complementary access to this exclusive report covering existing and upcoming use cases in AI, including considerations for development and deployment in real-life situations.


Transforming Retail with Virtual Reality

Request complementary access to this exclusive report covering existing and upcoming retail use cases in AR, VR, MR.


January Workshops

Sat, Jan 16 10am — 11am EST

This is a practical, global conversation about what actions organizations can take in 2021 to accelerate innovation efforts.

Limited to 25 people.

Cost: $5 (Join the tribe and message me if you’re interested in a complementary pass.)


Sat, Jan 30 10am — 11am EST

People are the heart and soul of innovation. It is no surprise that the world needs a new type of cross-generational, multi-perspective leadership post-COVID. This is an open,

global conversation about enabling innovation across generations for the post-COVID success.

Limited to 25 people.

Cost: Free


In 6 short months, transform this has quickly become a global, multi-perspective and inclusive hub for post-COVID innovation conversations — thanks to your love and support. All previous conversations and discussions are available in the transform this on-demand innovation library. We hope to see you again at the upcoming conversations, and collaborate towards an equitable + innovative world.

Until then, stay informed, healthy and enjoy the 2021!


Sign up for innovation workshops hosted by ‘transform this’. Join the Super Tribe for a wealth of innovation and strategy resources, including full recordings from the past workshops and discounts on future workshops.

Reach out to me for strategy, governance, planning thought leadership on post-COVID innovation efforts. I ensure business scalability and resilience.


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