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Innovation In Education (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This post is a recap of the Innovation In Education discussion held on Sat Nov 21, 2020 12–1pm ET.

Discussion Goal

The pandemic has shaken the education industry to its core. The educators and students have been forced to assume new roles. The education institutions have been forced to transform their service delivery by leveraging technology. This event is a practical conversation about the changes in higher education industry and the role of educators.

  • What are the challenges faced by stakeholders in education?

  • How can the education industry be transformed, while supporting stakeholders?

  • Post COVID-19 considerations and what’s next?


  • Tom Supra — Professor/Program Coordinator & ENACTUS Faculty Advisor at George Brown College.

  • Gunjan Syal — Chief Strategy Advisor, Emerald Technology Group Inc.

Key Discussion Areas

We started the discussion with key stakeholders for education in a vocational college setting. From there, we expanded into following items:

  1. How have the roles changed during the pandemic?

  2. Have the needs of the students from vocational college programs changed? Are they different for different programs?

  3. What are the major challenges faced by the instructors during the pandemic, vs the students? How are they working together?