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December 2020: Let’s Talk Resilience

Thanks to you, our tribe, 2020 was an amazing year with 25+ knowledge sharing transform this events. We are wrapping up December with an entrepreneurial theme.

2020 Highlights

Hard to believe that 2020 is almost over . ‘transform this’ was officially founded in July to bring practical transformation to you. Since then, we have hosted 25+ highly interactive discussions, with 11 speakers.

Guest Speakers: My sincere thanks to the guest speakers who volunteered their time and expertise towards these efforts. Their commitment and work ethic was unparalleled towards seamless delivery of each presentation. We are continuing conversations towards 2021 discussion topics. In the meantime, you can catch all the replays on this medium publication and on our website, under past events.

Transformation & Resiliency Framework: A special thanks to Chris, who combined my framework and the principles of design thinking together towards this infographic. Chris’ guest blog post talks about business transformations and various aspects that bring success at an enterprise level, no matter the industry.

Our Tribe: A special thanks to our tribe for joining the live knowledge shares. It made conversations extremely interesting to continuously build upon case studies discussed in the previous sessions.

Garry, Chris, Alex and Jiri are our MVPs. I appreciated conversations with them, both during the sessions and offline. I especially appreciated the various perspectives they continue to share with others in the tribe.

Knowledge Share Videos: Before we took the live stage for interactive sessions, we recorded and shared offline videos with transformation and business resilience SMEs. Link to the videos

December Events

In December, we explore the entrepreneurial spirit that is a requirement for the post-COVID economic growth.

Sat., Dec. 12 10am — 11am EST

Practical Applications of AI in Healthcare — Join this practical conversation about ways in which AI is advancing healthcare. Hosted by the Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Toronto Meetup.


Sat., Dec. 19 11am-12pm EST

TED Circles: Entrepreneurial Spirit — This event is an open conversation about how the entrepreneurial spirit will drive post-COVID success for individuals, businesses and economies. Join us and share what’s on your mind during this safe space, TED Circles discussion.


Sun., Dec. 20 10am-11am EST

transform this Holiday Connect

We wrap up the year with a holiday connect to summarize the collective takeaways from 25+ discussions we hosted this year. Let’s network and share our inspirations, objectives, hobbies, and creative projects towards 2021.

What’s Next?

For 2021, ‘transform this’ has an evolved mission: “building resilient businesses and economies”. We are gearing up to offer 3 new services for our tribe, to combine the “talk” with “action” in 2021. Join our tribe on the website and follow our LinkedIn page for updates.

Until then, we hope you enjoy safe holidays and a very Happy New Year!


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