• Gunjan Syal

Transformations: An Infographic (Free)

Updated: Aug 15

Gunjan shared a framework for embarking on successful post-COVID transformations during an IDEAS hosted session on June 28, 2020. Christopher's creative mind enabled the following infographic after the session, with his thoughts on the business transformations in this guest post.

Business Transformations Infographic

By Christopher A. Saavedra Tam, June 30 2020

Do you know that Business Transformation is the opportunity to re-think your business operating models, to deliver breakthrough value to customers?

Gunjan explains in her framework, how business transformation requires a different mindset and a clear change management strategy to align processes, people, and technology of a company to its business strategy and the vision.

This can be achieved by understanding:

✔ What is the role of leadership in your transformation journey?

✔ How do you align transformation goals with your business strategy?

✔ Why do you need to become more agile and flexible?

✔ What and how do you need to improve, to achieve your transformation objectives?

✔ How do you add value throughout the transformation journey?

An effective business transformation will enable your company to pivot while responding to the changing market demands.

If you have any best practices to share towards a business transformation? Please comment below and have a conversation with us.

More about Christopher

Christopher A. Saavedra Tam is a container terminal automation professional with more than 8 years’ experience in port management and operations. His background is in military naval sciences and in terminal operations management of conventional and automated terminals, where he was heavily involved in the implementation and testing of new technologies. In his previous position at Kalmar he led process improvement and optimization, connecting processes with staff, IT, customs and customers.

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