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Vehicles Of The Future & Space Economy

Vehicles of the future

Hi transform this community,

We met to discuss Automated Vehicles Vs. Manual Driving on July 17, 2021. When I advertised this conversation, it was mostly out of a hobby/ habit for following anything related to cars and the tech. At the time, I was exploring the policies smarter cities will require in the future to accommodate safe + enjoyable use of autonomous vehicles; especially at the intersection of the ride sharing business model. Data sharing, edge computing and IoT will surely play a key role in that world.

This conversation with our global community was mesmerizing...

  1. We talked about the incentives that drive autonomous vehicles vs. factors that encourage people to drive themselves.

  2. We covered ownership of cars vs ride sharing models, and their feasibility across the globe.

  3. We talked about affordability and environmental impact from various forms of vehicles.

  4. We covered topics such as safety, governance and maintenance of such vehicles; including the trust-factor.

  5. We also talked about balance required between infrastructure on the road vs. tech in the cars.

Conversations such as these are why GoEmerald and transform this are focused on the space economy. Rockets get all the glory, yet it is the EVs, eVTOLs and more that will have a large role to play in the transportation of the future. The supply ecosystem of the future will demand better ways of transporting people and materials between the blue marble and the space - everything fails without this pathway. This will require alignment across multiple ecosystems, which will require input from all industries to build it sustainably.

That's our goal at GoEmerald - to combine human ingenuity with tech and accelerate transformation + innovation with sustainability. And since data forms central part of all things tech and human, join me this week for an online conversation hosted by our kind friends at IDEAS - Int'l Data Engineering and Science Association.

Enjoy a wonderful Sunday night and we will see you soon.


Gunjan from GoEmerald & transform this