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Here's Looking At You, 2023...

We want to thank the GoEmerald & transform this community for all the innovative projects, workshops and conversations we had in 2022. A human is an average of 10 people with whom they spend their time. Gathering, conversing and working with you added so much context to innovation at a global scale. In 2023, we are committed to creating an incredible amount of economic and social value.

This year, we evolved our business model to bring data-driven innovation to the public sector and small/ medium businesses. We will accomplish this in 2 ways:

  1. As a vendor for the Government of Canada - we are thankful for this opportunity.

  2. If you are a small or medium business owner in Canada, it will be our pleasure to accelerate your growth through CDAP. We invite you to join us during the Jan 12 info session (sign up below).

In 2023, we are committed to innovating at a universal scale. If you have been following our journey for the last month, we are obsessed with enabling sustainable, profitable, and responsible innovation in the space economy. We are committed to engaging with our global community on this journey.

We want to thank the TED organization for the TED Circles platform. Over the last 2.5 years, transform this hosted TED Circles became a species on their own with your engagement. We are evolving our 'transform this hosted TED Circles series' to 'transform this Community Connect' for 2023.

Through inviting everyone on the planet (including children and young/ emerging leaders) to the table for complex strategic topics, we all gain wider perspectives needed to accelerate responsible innovation. We believe this is the way the entire humanity, including businesses, succeed when "heading to the space - this time to stay" (we borrowed that portion of the quote from the NASA Artemis team, with thanks). Join us on Jan 28, Data Privacy Day, for the first discussion in this new series (sign up below).

That's all for 2022. We will be back in 2023 with more disruption and innovation than ever before - we invite you to join us on this journey. Until then, wishing you all a safe, sustainable and superb holiday season.

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