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Terraform This: Terrariums & Transformations

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Day 3 (August 2020): it’s still alive! 14 plants, 6 species, 5 rocks, 2 moss varieties, and 1 wood fungus, with a couple of springtails…

I’ve been a plant person for over 10 years but needed to transform my approach to maximize creativity. So, I combined hiking and terrarium development on the weekend.

I learned that hiking when looking for terrarium raw materials is a very different experience. When your line of sight is low, you notice what goes unnoticed. I explored over 23 rock, 7 moss and 11 plant varieties this weekend. Key is to gather material with a keen eye for the conditions in which each one thrives, like a good leader.

This was also the first time I worked on a creative project without a clear design vision as baseline. The product vision evolved iteratively as the ingredients arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time thinking about the possibilities…

So far, my favourite part has been watching the tiny wood sorrel leaves fold in at night and spring open in the morning. I have no idea if this diverse ecosystem will thrive in this small space — it sure is interesting to observe!

Day 5: terrarium now has tiny yellow wood sorrel flowers that bloom in the sun and fold in at night. Shall we say this team has formed, stormed, normed, and now performing?

  • Scope Change: Mold made an appearance, but I took care of that on-time and under-budget!

  • Backlog: And, I still can’t photograph glass containers…


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