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Terraform This: Scaling Up Transformational Effort…

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

After about 30 days and a roller-coaster ride in September 2020, my first terrarium (Sorrel) is on the mend. So I decided to create another one (Mossy)….

Sorrel’s Journey

Since the last update, a combination of light settings and research confirmed Sorrel was receiving TOO much sun and heat. This had led to generation-1 plants‘ demise. Now that the generation-2 plants are thriving, I am determined to have a better release-2.

Blind-spots are expected on transformations, key is to have a curious leader with an eye for trends and sense of urgency for productive resolutions. Upon introspection, I gathered the plants from east side of a trail during the evening. I was so focused on the ground, that my blind-spot became the landscape slope and structures which partially blocked east light for that part of the trail! This was confirmed by revisiting the pics data.

Mossy Is Born

I had 2 moss varieties leftover from Sorrel’s creation and they blossomed into a lush tiny forest on the pot where I left them. With the experience above and since moss is already assimilated, I am more confident about Mossy thriving in cooler temperatures on the horizon.


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