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Terraform This: Leading a Large Team…

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

As I complete the 2nd month with my terrarium-obsession, I am up to 3 of them. Here’s my favorite (Mossy)…

We all have a favorite child, right? Shhh.. Mossy has 2 varieties and 5 rock types. I was reminded of 2 leadership principles when I surveyed Mossy today:

  1. Autonomy — Mossy began with less than 1 inch patches of each variety, on either side of the rock-bridge. The spores did the rest with minimal water-based support from me. I am reminded of the progress a skilled team makes when they are gifted autonomy, by a supportive leader on transformations.

  2. Boundaries & collaboration — Interestingly, each moss variety has stuck to its area, without overpowering the other. Based on my research, moss is notorious for spreading over each other and competing for resources. This team seems to have settled on self-defined boundaries to coexist in their habitat. Whether they cross the bridge remains to be seen…

  3. Oh, and there’s one rouge grass blade in there. Not sure what that represents. Devil’s advocate?


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