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Risk-taking Deepfakes: TED Circles (Free)

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

This insights report is a recap of the TED Circles: Risk-taking Deepfakes workshop held on Sat May 15, 2021 10–11:30 am ET. transform this hosted TED Circles are a free, online, safe and inclusive place to connect with innovators from all over the globe. This workshop included representation from at least 5 countries including Canada, USA, Norway, Italy, and China. Our special guest in attendance was the cybersecurity expert Roozbeh Taheri-Nia.

Workshop Goals

Deepfakes are all around us and increasingly becoming better at impersonating 'real humans' in the digital world. Let's meet and discuss:

  1. What is the motivation and value behind Deepfakes?

  2. Can Deepfakes cause real harm?

  3. Can we balance the risk vs. benefits from Deepfakes?


  • Workshop Host: Gunjan Syal – Chief Strategy Advisor, GoEmerald

  • Contributor: Lulu Zhang – Innovation Analyst, GoEmerald

For inspiration, here are a TED Talk and a HBR article that represent the topic:

Workshop Insights

With the rapid advancements in deepfakes technology around the world, we are wondering whether these technologies increase prosperity, or may pose a disastrous threat to society at large.