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Happiness & Success During COVID (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Has this happened to you? A "life coach" recently reached out to me. They first disguised themselves as a management consultant. They insisted that it must difficult for me to be happy and successful during COVID, "especially as a business owner and a woman". They insisted I look for an experienced mentor to guide my business.

Don’t be fooled — this is a heavy handed way to use the COVID situation and insert themselves into one’s business. This is an unethical approach to a consulting business and also a completely wrong way to become a mentor. An experienced and ethical consultant will not find generic and manipulative ways to benefit from your business. They will approach specific business problems with impact, and challenge you to define the success criteria for their engagement with you. This ensures both parties are accountable and keeps the expectations aligned. Then, they will work with you to map out an approach and a path to success.

Here are the guiding principles I use in every situation - both, personal and professional:
  1. Happiness (a.k.a. success) in any situation is subjective and completely up to how you define it.

  2. Values that guide you are self-defined.

  3. Path to success is intentional, chosen on purpose and requires commitment.

  4. Transformation requires confidence to take chances, make mistakes and pivot the teams quickly.

  5. Mentor is a devoted listener, not an on-the-spot advice machine. The goal of a mentor is to share directional guidance, when requested, on how to define 1-4 above so you can map your own specific path to success. Occasionally, they may also help you identify the root cause of a problem that seems intertwined with many others. You are your own master at all times.

Next time someone tries to tell you how you run your business few minutes into an introductory meeting, request them to clarify what assumptions they are making. The answer to this question will separate charlatans from those truly committed and capable of supporting your specific definition of success.


We can help establish and implement your post-COVID transformation towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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