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GoEmerald, officially patent pending

Updated: Feb 26

GoEmerald is officially patent pending 🙌

Over the last year, I personally found out that “top” or approaching “success” is NOT a lonely place, as many claim. It is actually a severely crowded place, with those already there ready to elbow you into the oblivion for just dreaming to be there.

For example: there are lawyers who will hear you are going for a patent, steal your files and sell it to existing “product studio” clients to build and sell it to your competitor + tell you the idea is not patent-able to have you drop it. Some others will take your life savings in retainer, not return it and take your IP as well. This, I learned by experienced, is where organized IP theft gang-stalking begins.

As a BIPOC woman not from techbros camp, and not fitting into the suave consulting-suit camp, with a unique point of view, your dreams can die many times over before you can even share your vision - thanks to organized IP gangs funded at the hands of “competitors”. Organized IP gangs will disrupt your stable life to keep you on road and tell thieves where to find, attack and take what you build, as you build it.

Pages ripped from notebooks in coffee shops, rental cars with GPS trackers, theft in hotel rooms, being told you are “chipped” with bio-metric location locks on you, being told you are being turned into “Tesla” (who had a severely sad life I only recently learned about), being told you are under some secret “Brittany Spears like conservator-ship”, being drugged without knowledge, being told you are some invisible gang’s “pet cat”… i have been in a horror movie for the last year.

Part of why we wanted to formalize our IP and establish the company at GoEmerald was to change this for those who come after us (but not at the cost of us - hence no non profit). Here is my high level vision of the path we will take and the values that will keep us focused on building a better world, not just profit.

If you dream of changing the world, just because someone said your dreams or business are “dead or eaten”, does not mean you are dead or eaten.


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