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Press Release: July 19 2023, GoEmerald and transform this to seek seed funding via crowdfunding

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Over the last little while, many people asked me to clarify GoEmerald and 'transform this' business models because there was so much going on with us...

We are both an innovation company and are also developing a technology platform to enable sustainable and responsible innovation. Through this letter, I explain what we are but also correct some misconceptions.

Over last little while, I explored many funding options and partnerships for our ventures. In fact, this work began a few years ago when I explored Canadian grant system as well as learning about angel and venture funding.

A lot of these conversations led us to evaluate what our business model is, what our values are, what type of said vs. unsaid expectations we are going to entertain. It solidified that we will not compromise on the vision or our values. We were also attacked by competitors in early stages who did not fully understand the unwritten vision, or focused on the most marketable parts of our IP while attempting to shut us down (a risky choice for their customers). We also decided not to partner with entities where values did not align. We will not engage with ecosystems that lack accountability measures when there is harm to individuals, other small businesses or minority founders. Profit at all costs is not our motto.

transform this is not a non profit. Yes, some services are heaviely discounted and everyone is welcome to join certain discussions as a global community. This is to enable equity among groups that need it now without forced 'integration'. We want to build a profitable business and we want others to come along with us. Minority founders with lack of connections and complex visions, especially women without public eye mentors are often pushed towards non profit path in our society. This leads to loss of innovation, economic value and it leads others to monetizing their ideas, in ways often invisible to them. I detest this outdated mindset. Non profits are important for our society, they are not the business model we are building.

GoEmerald is not like any other consulting firm or tech firm you have ever encountered. This is part of our strong multi-perspective value proposition. We focus on enterprise wide and ecosystem wide point of views, including supply ecosystems. Our goal is measurable value for everyone involved. Inside GoEmerald, we are our own worst critics and we stand by our work. I admit, it may not be for everyone - those not ready for active disruption or organizations not prepared to actively make changes will not derive true measurable value from our work. We also advice on issues that require mutiple perspectives and help you create data driven transformation, innovation and business models. We support multiple industries.

We are focused on enterprise and ecosystem wide value because it actively targets inefficiencies, implements change at scale among industries and companies that actively welcome it. Long term, we accelerate responsible innovation. In the end, this is what is needed to deliver true sustainable innovation. transform this community will always be for everyone without judgement and within reason (more definition on this later).

We all have the right to pursue our true vision, without compromise.

Today, I am happy to share that we have decided to begin funding via crowdfunding to accelerate parts of our vision. Responsible innovation through data and AI, as well as sustainability is needed everywhere and by everyone now. We will develop an accountability model for the crowdsourced funding to ensure delivery. We will also seek IP protection globally. The world has seen enough value drain from solutions that claim to be sustainable but deliver nothing at best or actually cause more damage. We do not wish to add to this problem. We invite collaborations to expand the pie, while limiting theft based and incorrect deployments that may cause more harm than good for unsuspecting customers. We can not help those who willingly choose to engage with stolen IP and will limit our liability there - customers have a choice and we respect that.

I am excited about this new direction for the company and growing team. Future is a very exciting place, and it is not limited to monopolies. I look forward to working with ethical and responsible partners to explore it. We look forward to enabling responsible and sustainable innovation at scale. We look forward to your support and involvement as well.

If you are interested in learning more, email us at

If you are interested in working with us, schedule a consultation below and let's challenge the norms with disruptive solutions:


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