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Future With Only A Few Doors For Some Should Change….

After reading the article below, I am realizing that over the last year, I have been blacklisted from the Canadian job market without the courtsey of being told. I have been in denial and reading about these womens’ story provided so much relatable content and insight.

Here are some experienes that this article helped bubble up about my life over the last1.5 year:

  1. I was interviewed for nearly 30+ jobs in a vulnerable state early 2022 during a personal crisis with a family member. These interviews turned out to be IP fishing sessions. The job I did take, I was forced to leave amid stalking and harassment concerns outside the virtual workplace. I also realized I am not built to hold down a job defined by someone else (no offence).

  2. I went to the municipal court to get a "peace bond" against a toxic family member, who severely pushed me towards power of attorney for a home sale, and was denied, which I am told is not very often. There is no record of my being in the court that day that I can trace for a rationale.

  3. My business intellectual property was robbed from my cloud storage and my home, to distribute amonst competitors like the big 4 consulting companies. Toronto police refused to file report while telling me “Have you thought of moving?”, and “complainer needs help. She is complaining again”.

  4. Most potential clients i approached turned out to be fake companies inserted in my contacts for IP collection, or had conflicts they did not declare. On the other side, being more careful and asking for NDAs/ back checks has a way of turning off people.

  5. I spent 3 years of my own time in research and marketed some of my early stage insights on disruptive tech online for a advisory practice- i was told i “made them up” or "they are not mine". Yes, they were my thesis - ultimately landing on a big 4 website with another brown woman’s name for it to be monetized while their tactics cut me out completely from the market.

  6. I was told my business is no more and it has been "eaten" or "sold". Fake information to emotionally destablise me.

  7. Every new revenue stream I identified over the last year was next day on someone else’s or a large organization’s website and people were not shy to let me know I was under surveillance in my own home by breaking in and moving items or taking/ destroying them. It did not matter what it was - sometimes it was shampoo that was dumped down the drain, other times a plant was destroyed that I had cherished for many years.

  8. I was gaslighted by people looking to be “business advisors” for my business with false information about market and government/ legal procedures.

  9. I was even gaslit by Canadian NRC grants who provided other businesses 5+ months to cash grants, notified me I had 5 days to do so and provide receipts for reimbursement- then promptly sending emails  stating I am “defaulting on the grant”. I am not sure why they would bother wasting tax dollars in this manner playing games. I would rather see that money used for good and for them to decline my application. When other businesses received approvals in April 2023, I got mine in August after submitting application in January during the actual first week of grant remittance timeframe with all the details.

  10. I have been locked out of legal system as attorneys and law firms I approach were either already or subsequently “bought” and had a “conflict”.

  11. I was intimidated with unethical, key store and spy applications on my phone for corporate espionage and stalking. Files and emails were deleted to remove my name from my work.

  12. My Canadian passport was stolen ans IDs used to stalk and intimidate me.

  13. I was intimidated, drugged against my will, and tortured with electronic weapons in my own home. I was told I was being primed for a life of prostitution and a “birther”, whatever that means. I was also being pushed to leave my spiritual roots.

  14. Each time i left my own condo, i was met with severe gangstalking which involved people in cars/ trucks with dash-cams following me + attempting to run me off road.

  15. There were pictures of me taken in my own home, inserted into my personal cloud photos account, which I did not take! They would apear and dissapear on timely basis hinting disgusting level of stalking for most of 2022.

  16. I was never able to find an IP attorney and the one I did manage to retain took $40k in retainer, only to take the IP files and within a day let me know they can not help me, will need more money to explain why and they would “rather not waste my money to do that”, then offered to return only $18k from retainer. I intend to get the full $40k back. I still seek an IP litigator but have started the process against 20+ enterprises that have infringed my IP and continue to break into my things hoping to gather as I continue work.

  17. Each person i approach to support my team as a senior member of the team provides advice,  not action and not introducing me to others.

  18. I also am hit with outrageous charges for essential services such as phone bills.

  19. Approaching clients directly either produces no response, or response for delayed meetings which lead to IP being stolen and files being deleted from my data stores after theft.

  20. There are highly specific timed emails and text messages that are inserted into my emails to send messages of following nature: “you are A”, “you are hunted”, “you are being turned into Tesla”, who I recently learned was robbed by Bell and his associates until he died, “your business is eaten”, “you are dead”, “you are on tour to distribute IP”, “you are homeless” despite owning my property, “you are disabled” despite being fully equipped.

  21. I have also been followed around with cameras in public places by strangers and encouraged to participate in prostitution or what sounds like, push to join human experiments by health clinics. When i don’t comply with their “requests”, i am called “a cat” with more disturbing “we have many cats”.

  22. I also have people encouraging me to commit suicide (to no end because I know the value of a human life and my own).

  23. My home and assets are consistently broken into and robbed.

At this point, I refuse to accept that a society would irresponsibly cut off smart and talented women such as those mentioned in the article, with high levels of ethics from tech world. This, at a time when we have an ethics crisis among our leadership. This, when we require an incredible amount of support and talent in tackling sustainability issues on the planet, poverty and hunger, entry into space, and extreme climate change.

I am not as talented as the women in this article. And I don’t have anything important to share as a whistleblower.

I come from a humble consulting profession which turned out to be wrong choice for me, and I realized too late. I have tried to create something in the blue ocean markets during the pandemic at the intersection of multiple crisis faced by human race. Turns out i found my natural talent in my 30s during pandemic, which some think is not my place or must not be justifiable. It attracted wrong attention in early stages and I continue to pay the price with health, mind, finances, body and career.

Some things I am pondering:

  • If the society is spending time and resources to target me in this vicious manner, how many other original inventors and business people are there that are suffering the same fate?

  • What type of future leaders will businesses produce when ethical women and minorities are cast aside for speaking up, creating solutions or bringing impactful issues to the light.

  • Who is funding and benefiting from these acts and where is the justice system holding them accountable? I hope not, “we, the people”….

For what its worth, i will try a different path than mentioned in the article linked and still attempt to build a monetizable business with focus on data, AI and circularity - not a non profit. It is noble to have ethical people run non profit; it is gut wrenching to push someone away from a high value add + ROI role or business model to do that. AI driven society needs ethical people involved of all types now more than ever.

I look forward to finding like minded people to join the GoEmerald team. I hope to build the transform this community further. And more importantly, i hope to add tangible value to society, while also lifting myself up by putting my name on my work, while helping other people. Swapping one brown woman’s name on IP works for another is disgusting and should have no place as we work towards becoming a space-faring civilization.

PS. This is a deeply personal blog and I thought a lot before posting it on transform this. But then, the issue at core is ownership of IP and human rights, both along with ethical leadership. So here it is.


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