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Exploring - Data From Outer Space

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

This insights report is a recap of the Ted Circles: Exploring - Data From Outer Space workshop held on Sat Dec 4th, 2021, 10–11:30 am ET. transform this hosted TED Circles are a free, online, safe, and inclusive place to connect with innovators from all over the globe. This workshop included representation from at least 3 countries including India, Italy, and Canada.

Workshop Goals

TED Circles' Dec 2021 theme is "Exploring - Data From Outer Space". Recently, there have been a great amount of data collected from rockets and satellites that are roaming in space, therefore it is exciting to dive into a conversation regarding the following questions :

  1. What data do we bring back from outer space?

  2. What innovations can come from this data?

  3. Who should own/ manage the data from outer space?


  • Workshop Host: Gunjan Syal – Chief Strategy Advisor, GoEmerald

  • Contributor: Maram Taian – Product Analyst, transform this

For additional inspiration:

Once again, our gratitude to the global transform this tribe for returning week-after-week and bringing their diverse perspectives for inclusive innovation to flourish. We hope you will join us in taking specific actions as stakeholders to drive inclusive, measurable, and ethical changes aimed at promoting sustainability.

As usual, these conversations continue past the workshop and spill to the social media with our tribe. We are encouraged by this because open discussions such as these bring together multiple global perspectives, bringing us inspiration to find holistic solutions.

Wishing you much health and success until we meet again.


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