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The Transforming Workplace (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

COVID-19  has created challenges and opportunities on a massive scale for Canadians. The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt all elements of their enterprise to stay competitive during this transition to a “new normal.”  

Modification of workforces and workplaces can provide a significant advantage to businesses that act quickly. Simultaneously, there are legal and operational challenges in managing transformations during and after the pandemic that must be addressed.

Whether  you are a business owner, decision maker, employee, or contractor, this event will provide practical considerations and a discussion for:

  • Key legal considerations for transforming your workforce;

  • Practical and operational concerns a business must address during the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • Recommendations on how to mitigate unexpected risk that comes with transforming your workforce’s operational requirements


  • Devan Marr - Insurance and Employment Lawyer at Strigberger Brown Armstrong LLP

  • Gunjan Syal - Transformation Executive at Emerald Technology Group Inc


We can help establish and pivot your business towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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