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Ethics and Human First Approach To Partnerships

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

What We Are Changing

We are taking a very different approach to partnerships and are officially dropping all 43+ technology partnerships we signed up  in 2020 and 2021 effective immediately (more context on this and my personal struggle as a founder is included below, to help others who are on similar path and do not see the landmines yet).

We are NOT interested in an AI toolset race, and will no longer participate in corporate ecosystems that compete to push out technology without first considering consequences to end users. The current approach causes more harm medium-to-long term in lieu of short term benefits. In hindsight, engaging with these ecosystems in early stages has provided us valuable insight from incorrect applications of our own IP, without our permission and without our direct involvement. We want to build a better path forward for our customers and their end-users at the most basic human level.

We are developing a new foundation of monetizable offerings on open source toolsets. We want to build and scale human focused communities that will be a part of the product foundation to enable IRL responsible innovation, rather than at-scale marketing campaigns without visibility to ML and other disruptive algorithms under-the-hood.

While most communities use an “open innovation” approach to this, we believe that approach only compounds inequity at a global scale because valuable solutions are extracted from early stage founders in infancy of their ideas inception, as they seek to build personal confidence, network, support for their work and do not know value of their inventions in the market. We are committed to enabling an equitable global community where individuals with IRL innovative minds succeed long term.

We are committed to building a monetizable ecosystem within GoEmerald with open source for businesses that value short, medium, and long term well being of their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. No human should have to worry about being stabbed in the back, or be poisioned, as they attempt to make the world a better place through innovation. And, we are committed to enabling this with visible, measurable and repeatable value through clear ROI that boards and C level teams can see for responsible and profitable decisions.

We are lucky to join the SUSE ecosystem to start this journey. SUSE recently made investments in open source cloud after most other tech firms have abandoned this path in favour of privatizing their AI and cloud product roadmaps. We believe in SUSE’s values and believe open source foundation is an important path to responsible AI through technology democratization, rather than developing closed-loop AI toolsets or using open innovation to scoop up ideas for monetization.

We look forward to enabling success for our clients and community. We will be in touch soon with details of our crowdfunding campaign. If you are interested, be sure to sign up below. We would love for you to be a part of our movement towards building a better 4th dimension for every human on the planet, and beyond as we head to the space.

Why We Are Changing

TLDR: disturbing level of reality below for early stage founders.

Back in 2020, I was overzealous with pivoting GoEmerald when supply chains and half the world was falling apart. I foresaw the role of data in success of virtually every company on the planet. I was ambitious and had developed an enterprise scale data strategy, transformation and innovation model. I went on a rampage and signed up GoEmerald for 43+ technology partnerships with small/ large tools providers, hoping for a scaled positive impact for our customers through power of collaboration across the toolsets from these partners.

In my rush towards road to success, I failed to properly evaluate existing ecosystems of these technology firms; and how these ecosystems make decisions. As a micro firm, most or these firms either did not understand the value we brought to their customers or just ended up pushing us towards their big con-sulting partners as they do to others. We thought that was odd, given we had proposed offerings their consulting partners did not even offer in a blue ocean market at a global scale. We failed to see this as an attempt on their part that we should be swallowed up by one of those partners, if we wished to work with their ecosystem. In our confusion, we kept attempting to negotiate with their partner teams with roundabout responses.

What happened next was exactly what I originally expected but kept negotiating with tech firms to avoid (failing to realize they did not care) - without even direct contact with their big consulting partners, GoEmerald and I were under a war-scale attack in Canada where we lacked support system on legal fronts, as most early stage firms would. Our IP was viciously attacked repeatedly, my human rights were violated and personal property/ financial/ professional relationships were destroyed at scale through a misinformation and dark-web driven firehose of falsehood strategy.

For anyone wondering what is it like to live in a home that is broken into every night by professional thieves, just be on the radar for a vicious partner from big consulting, and tell them repeatedly you are not interested in a full time job which will allow them to swallow up your IP.

Our strategy to fund early stage development through Canadian government grants ecosystem were scrapped in an instant, after we refused to cooperate with multiple vicious hostile takeover attempts. Even Toronto police refused to file reports of thefts in our jurisdiction of business.

We were told this is what it is like to “swim with sharks” and that we should be flattered because “imitation is the best form of flattery”. Of course, these are the famous first words from a criminal mind in a conversation.  When we raised alarms publicly and with public officials, most of these companies rolled up under monopolies taking the stolen IP with them for use at an even wider scale, to make the theft invisible, to reduce their own risk and to keep going on with their organized crime strategies; now with access to even more funding inside a larger firm. This was also a lesson in age-old modus operandi I had not witnessed while being an employee at the big consulting (most people have no idea what is happening under the hood, or are content to live in denial because this is out of their control as an employee without a say in the matter). For them, life moved on months ago, while we were inducted into Canadian organized crime gangs as victims permanently, in case we create IP of value in future. We were a casualty and this was business-as-usual for them. Well, we are not a casualty and I am not a victim - I am someone who deserves justice and and am committed to fighting for it, as long as it takes.

Ecosystems that encourage and knowingly tolerate cannibalistic and toxic behaviours make the world a worse place to exist for every human, regardless of cast, colour or creed. Their crimes impact every consumer at global level when their products are used and they are handed revenue plus market share for bad behaviour, even informing government policies which impact tax payers. It normalizes and incentivizes corruption, as well as organized crime. I refuse to be a casualty to this barbaric system. I am determined to not give an inch and fight for everything I have worked so hard to create, despite financial and repeat attacks.

GoEmerald is NOT subscribing to this cannibalistic mindset, and are determined to build a future with a focus on data strategy, AI, responsible innovation and circularity while bringing every human and client organization along. In the end, you can not build high-ethics solutions with a data foundation, without actual ethics among your ranks. This requires deeply difficult choices and we are making them. Our goal is to ensure people and corporations have a choice of more responsible solutions moving forward instead of their hard earned dollars inadvertently funding organized crimes against their own fellow humans. 🙌

Big goals are not limited to big corporations.

If you would like to collaborate towards our goal, contact us at We are also seekjng equity-based co-founders:


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