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Announcing 'transform this'

Having a large positive impact on the world requires a compulsive commitment, a cohesive team and a dash of luck. Same is true when transforming a business during uncertainty - this is the reality many business leaders are facing today.  Over the last year, I have been working on developing a new transformation framework and launching 'transform this', to share the collective knowledge and best practices that enable successful transformations (especially post-COVID). Today, I’m honoured to introduce 'transform this' formally with the inspiration and support from experts & friends such as Alexandre, Maria, Simon, Jiri, Fahad, Joe, and Siddharth. We begin by hosting live online conversations with Devan and Nick this month. Each event will contain the 'key areas: transformations' graphic below, identifying the areas of discussion focus at a glance.

You are welcome to read more about the 'transform this' values, the expert advisors and RSVP for the events here. I am looking forward to many impactful discussions with you  that help your teams achieve success in the near-future.


We can help establish and implement your post-COVID transformation towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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