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AI & Our Memories: TED Circles (Free)

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

This insights report is a recap of the TED Circles: AI & Our Memories discussion held on Sat February 27, 2021 10–11:30am ET. transform this hosted TED Circles are a free, online, safe and inclusive place to connect with innovators from all over the globe. This workshop included representation from at least 7 countries, with audience from 7 industries: government, technology, retail, fintech, clean tech, consulting, and education.

Workshop Goals

TED Circles' February 2021 theme is "Our memories". We live in the age of AI, which is feared by some and revered by others. For many, our memories and ability to think defines our humanity. Let's meet and discuss:

  1. How can AI enhance our memories?

  2. Can AI make us better human leaders?

  3. What actions/ ethical considerations will avoid unintended harm from AI use?


For additional inspiration, watch these TEDx talks that represent the topic:

Workshop Insights