TED Circles: Unbiased AI? (Free)
Sat., Oct. 30 | Zoom Online

TED Circles: Unbiased AI? (Free)

This is an open conversation about whether it is actually possible to create an unbiased AI. Cost: Free

Time & Location

Oct. 30, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EDT
Zoom Online

About This Workshop

Note: this session is limited to 25 attendees and is NOT recorded.

TED Circles are held monthly. They are a free, online, safe and inclusive place to connect with innovators from all over the globe.

TED Circles' Oct 2021 theme is "Optimism". We live in the age of AI, which is feared by some and revered by others as THE solution to many of the world's problems. As we develop AI solutions based on our very human experiences, is it actually possible to create a completely unbiased AI? Let's meet and discuss:

  1. What is unbiased AI and who should develop it?
  2. What is an acceptable margin of error?
  3. What will keep an AI solution unbiased and accountable?

For additional inspiration before we meet:

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  • Gunjan Syal - Chief Strategy Advisor at GoEmerald.  Gunjan solves complex business problems in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable. She has led innovation initiatives for 28+ US & Canadian businesses in 9 industries.  Gunjan has developed a dynamic innovation framework, is a globally  celebrated TED  Circles host: https://www.goemerald.ca/about-gunjan

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