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Space Economy: The Circular Future

Weekly on Thursdays - how the data, AI & circularity shape space economy ($25/ month)


This session is limited to 25 attendees. Join as many sessions as you like with monthly membership. Everyone is welcome. No sales pitches. No attendee recordings allowed. transform this Weekly 'Community Connect' workshop series are a drop-in open, global and innovative space for everyone. We meet to discuss disruptive technologies in various industries and their impact to sustainability with actionable innovation. We do not share or sell data and any other information you share before or during the Weekly Community Connect workshops. Our detailed terms and conditions are available here: Workshop Overview: Space economy has accelerated over the last year. With international collaboration around the deployment of James Webb Telescope, Artemis-1 and SWOT, there is a lot of R&D + Innovation coming our way. There are also concerns developing around space sustainability, as well as how data will travel, live and operate in space. Let's meet and discuss: 1) New developments in the space industry & focus on data 2) What is data driven innovation and sustainability within space industry? 3) How can we measure success using data? 4) What are other factors and socio-economic conditions impacting a sustainable space industry? Workshop Host: Gunjan Syal - Founder and CEO at GoEmerald. Gunjan innovates businesses and ecosystems in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable. She enables innovation at an enterprise level by merging business, technology and data. She has led innovation initiatives for businesses in 9+ industries. Gunjan is a globally celebrated workshop host. See our terms and conditions here: Want to explore more pay-what-you-can and paid workshops? Visit transform this and sign up for upcoming workshop notifications.

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom Online

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