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Investments in Sustainable Innovation

Eliminate zero-impact innovation investments


'transform this' platform is the Sustainable Innovation DNA your organization needs to eliminate R&D, innovation and sustainability investments that produce no results. We enable multi-dimensional, measurable ROI from innovation investments. What to expect: - We will meet for a 15 minute rapid strategy session to itemize your specific challenges towards positive return from R&D, innovation and sustainability initiatives, products or ventures. - You will walk away with actionable strategies that will help in short-term. - Insight into how 'transform this' platform will provide measurable success in short, medium and long-term. Host: - Gunjan Syal - Founder and CEO at GoEmerald. Gunjan is leading the development of 'transform this' platform: the Sustainability Innovation DNA for your enterprise. She has enabled 30+ medium-to-large enterprises and 5+ startups in 9 industries. Our meeting will prepare your team with 'transform this' tools for sound decisions towards innovation-focused investments, as we head towards difficult economic conditions.

  • 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • Virtual meeting

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