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Enterprise-wide Data Strategy ($14,500)

A practical masterclass for building an enterprise-wide data strategy.


GoEmerald Private Workshops are highly engaging and cross-functional forums for your teams. These proprietary workshops align your cross-functional teams with business, technology, and data strategy at an enterprise-wide scale. The result is long-term positive ROI for the entire business. This workshop hosts up to 5 people. As a CDO, you are not delivering results, if you are not creating a data strategy and data governance at enterprise level. This workshop will help your cross functional team collaborate towards actionable solutions at enterprise level. This is especially important for public sector departments seeking to improve data flow, governance, reporting and ethical, responsible use of data across their agency. Let’s innovate together towards a visible, measurable and repeatable success, for all your stakeholders. Workshop Overview: Balancing data, strategy and leadership is the path to post-pandemic business success. Data lakes and pilots can only take us so far. This is a practical masterclass for the C-Suite in building and delivering a viable enterprise-wide data strategy, which enables a visible and measurable data-driven business. A certificate of completion will be provided. Key Takeaways: ‘Enterprise-wide Data Strategy’ is a ‘transform this’ exclusive workshop. This hands-on session will help the teams create and mobilize enterprise-wide data strategy unique to their organizations. The end goal is an effective data-driven business outlook, with long-term positive ROI. A ‘transform this’ certificate of completion will be provided. Key discussion areas include: 1) What are the fundamentals of an enterprise-wide data strategy? 2) What are the barriers to building it? 3) How to mobilize it successfully across a large organization? Who Will Benefit: 1) Board leaders defining the post-pandemic business model 2) C-level leaders owning the transformation and innovation strategies 3) VP & Director leaders owning the planning efforts 4) Data teams supporting data-driven decisions Workshop Host: Gunjan Syal is Data-Driven Chief Strategy Officer at GoEmerald. She innovates businesses and ecosystems in a way that the results are visible, measurable and repeatable. She enables businesses as a fractional CSO, CPO, COO and a board member. She has led innovation initiatives for 38+ US & Canadian businesses in 10 industries. She advocates for responsible innovation at a global scale.

  • 4 hr
  • 14,500 US dollars
  • Zoom Online

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