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Remove L&D issues on innovation & sustainability initiatives


'transform this' platform is the Sustainable Innovation DNA your organization needs to reduce R&D, innovation and sustainability investments that produce no results. We enable measurable ROI on R&D, innovation and sustainability initiatives. We put these initiatives on the path to success. What to expect: - We will meet for a 15 minute rapid strategy session to discuss and itemize education & learning challenges impeding R&D, innovation and sustainability initiatives in your organization. - You will walk away with actionable strategies that will help in short-term. - Insight into how 'transform this' platform will provide tangible & measurable success short, medium and long-term on your R&D, innovation and sustainability initiatives. Host: - Gunjan Syal - Founder and CEO at GoEmerald. Gunjan is leading the development of 'transform this' platform: the Sustainability Innovation DNA for your enterprise. She has enabled 30+ medium-to-large enterprises and 5+ startups in 9 industries. Education and skills development are changing forever. Customized learning will produce future leaders who are sustainability, ethics and impact focused, along with financial results. This will produce measurable impact demanded by your customers, investors, tax payers and other stakeholders for their investments. Our meeting will offer your team 'transform this' tools for aligning L&D to your innovation goals, as we head towards difficult economic conditions.

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Virtual meeting

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