What is an Organizational Transformation? (Sep 2, 2020)

At transform this, we continue to host conversations catered to specific areas on transformations. This was an open discussion around what it means for a business to transform itself from multiple stakeholder perspectives:

  • What is an organizational transformation's value proposition?

  • What are the key perspectives on transformations?

  • What is a transformation's opportunity cost?

  • What are the key considerations for success, and is there a special focus during the pandemic? 

We were honoured to hear from Canadian leaders representing multiple industries. This recap of the conversation provides a glimpse into what will shape the change businesses undertake to support the consumer needs in future. Scroll to the very bottom of this blog post for the full recording, or watch the shorter videos with key themes below.

Business vs. Digital vs. Organizational Transformation

Need For An Iterative Approach On Transformations

Innovative vs. Operational Ways Of Working

Culture Of Innovation

Transformation & Sum Of Its Parts

As a reference, here is a view into the typical pre-COVID era transformation.

Customer Journey & Product Mindset On Transformations

External Factors Impacting Transformations

Key Considerations For Transformational Success

Industry-specific Discussion

Throughout the discussion, we touched upon tech industry with Google's business model, as well as auto industry with Toyota's Lean model periodically. We also dove into specific conversations surrounding retail with Walmart and Kodak's possible entry into healthcare:

  • Retail

  • Healthcare

What's Next?

During this event, we discussed what is an organizational transformation from a practical standpoint, what are some key stakeholder perspectives, challenges and some examples of how to identify successful transformations.

During the next discussion circle, I will share a dynamic approach to iterative transformations, which addresses majority of the concerns we discussed. I hope to see you there for another knowledge sharing conversation.

Full Event Recording

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