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We Are Helping Enterprises & Public Sector Build Their Very Own Voyager

Updated: Feb 26

"Build a voyager, not a snowpiercer" - Gunjanism Circular Innovation DNA

At GoEmerald, we are committed to enabling sustainable & circular innovation for enterprises with visible, measurable and repeatable ROI, through the power of data + analytics.

We are also committed to building a better world in this process for every individual on the planet. And, we are committed to doing this while we:

  • take the enterprise and cross-agency transformation, innovation and sustainability initiatives from CapEx to OpEx

  • reduce the consulting and outsourcing budget for enterprises by up to 75%

  • provide measurable risk analysis with visible, measurable and repeatable results

  • provide repeatable and outcome focused learning for your team

This means enabling your team to drive the change inside the company/ public sector, rather than hiring expensive consulting companies, or avoiding outsourcing of high-impact/ critical work you should keep in-house.

It is no secret that here at GoEmerald, we wear our values on our sleeve. You can find them listed on the transform this homepage. We use these values as a lighthouse to attract community members, employees, partners, customers and other entities that embody or aspire to similar values in their journey towards innovation. We are also against counterfeit intellectual property and stolen ideas implemented incorrectly by those who are not the original inventors. A key thought I've had for a while and never shared publicly is this:

"Build a Voyager, not a Snowpiercer"

It's a simple statement with a deeper meaning from two of my most favorite stories of our time...

One is Star Trek: Voyager I watched growing up. It involved Captain Janeway at the helm of Voyager starship, lost in the delta quadrant, far from planet Earth in the alpha quadrant. In every episode, she embodied a CEO pondering how she was going to transform Voyager into a sustainable, cost/ energy efficient and generational ship to get it's crew back to human civilizations.

Looking back, there are so many parallels between Captain Janeway and an ideal leader we need today in every enterprise and public sector that wants to successfully evolve with the socioeconomic landscape:

  • building new, renewable & sustainable infrastructure,

  • reskilling existing workforce,

  • attracting and retaining new & diverse talent,

  • negotiating alliances vs choosing her battles,

  • managing conflict of interests (both personal and professional), and

  • providing guiding & responsible principles for sentient AI (Voyager's Doctor), as he continued to develop new skills and capabilities.

On the other hand, the backdrop of Snowpiercer has two very different leaders (one experienced, the other relatively new to the role), comparing decision strategies towards some of the deepest economic and social issues our society is facing. This underrated story is very relatable to me now due to the environmental and security/ war crisis we are facing as a planet. The builder of Snowpiercer, Wilford, chose to emulate the ethical and social models of his time when building the product. Problems arose as the needs of his audience changed entirely, but the governance model at the foundation of his product (the train) failed to adjust.

Every business and political leader is facing the same issue now, unlike any time in the history. Every transformation, innovation and sustainability initiative exists because at some point the needs of the customers changed. Many of these investments, however, fail to deliver.

The key difference between Captain Janeway and Wilford is the ability to take in the new information and continuously make better decisions, while aligning to their stakeholders' needs. The other is presence of inclusion as a core value.

This is what I mean by building a Voyager and not a Snowpiercer. Snowpiercers are organizations, products and business models that are rigid. They force the customers/ employees/ partners/ stakeholders to comply with existing ways of operating, long after their needs are no longer met.

At GoEmerald, we are building 'transform this' to enable innovative leadership style for the present day public sector and CxO leaders.

We use data to enable better decisions with ROI clearly visible and measurable, as the leaders take on some of the biggest challenges of our lifetimes. This includes designing for a sustainable life here on planet Earth, plus taking humanity to the Moon and beyond through products and investments that meet the needs of everyone on the planet, sustainably.

If you are a public sector, board or a CxO leader investing in the future foundation of your organization or department through transformation, innovation and sustainability, let's have a conversation. We want to ensure your team has a visible, measurable and repeatable path to success, while saving up to 75% of the consulting costs on your budget:


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