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Transformations: Diversity & Data Projects (Free)

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Neil and I met to discuss the role of diversity and inclusion on data projects. "Diversity is a source of massive competitive advantage" - this quote from Neil resonated with me the most for two reasons:

  1. I believe data will be key for the post-COVID transformations that enable competitive advantage for businesses. Data will drive the analysis, decisions and innovation that fuel the ability to pivot during unpredictability situations. This is what makes a business resilient.

  2. We are at a critical point in history due to the unusual volume of change around us. The decisions we make now will impact the society for generations to come. If our data models do not account for diversity and inclusion, we will perpetuate inequality at a faster rate. Actively seeking diverse viewpoints in our day-to-day work will lead us to an overall positive change impact.


We can help establish and implement your data projects. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.


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