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Transforming Retail With VR, AR, MR ($130)

Updated: May 27, 2022

This is a preview of the 1.5-hours 'Transforming Retail With AR, VR, MR' workshop. The audience represented 3 industries and 4 countries, as we merged customer experience with technology available in the market today.


Retail industry was one of the most severely impacted by the pandemic. It is also the one that stands to benefit the most with transformational opportunities. Technology and innovation are the cornerstone of business success in the COVID world. This event is a practical conversation at the intersection of possibilities and reality - how will Virtual Reality transform the retail experience for customers and businesses.

  • Where do we stand today with retail landscape, since onset of pandemic - large vs. small-to-medium markets?

  • What are the Virtual Reality applications in the real-world retail, and why should we care?

  • What are the considerations for a successful transformation?


  • Gunjan Syal — Transformation Executive, Emerald Technology Group Inc.


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