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Laws of Circular Innovation #1

These are the laws of circular innovation based on my experience, expertise, micro research and opinion.

I am adamant about inventors having their name on their work as any organization or group undertakes new and disruptive work. Why? When we look historically, each time inventors are removed from the solution development process, the resulting solution has produced possible profits in the short term, confusion in the medium term and chaos in the long term.

This is because no amount of following the inventor around, interviewing them, collecting data from/ about them, or copying their experiences will ever lead to the same context for a complex solution to function as they intended. Not having them as a part of build process will always lead to inadequate solutions at best, or chaotic ones at the worst.

These are the laws of circular innovation, akin to the laws of nature and laws of physics.


If you are in enterprise, public sector organization or a start-up, I look forward to our collaborations to bring your team's data and AI strategy into the space age, with measurable ROI short term, medium term and long term.

Schedule a consultation at board or C-level. We also welcome start-ups challenging the norms with disruptive solutions:


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