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How The Data Drives Success

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

I started my career by designing, achitecting and operationalizing enterprise-wide data-enabled supply chains. It is no surprise that data has a special place in my heart. This is especially true now, as we use data in novel ways to overcome global supply chain issues and enable new revenue models.

Chris, from 'Interviews with Chris' at Future-proof Container Terminals podcast, recently invited me to share how data drives digital transformation and innovation success. I returned the favour by inviting Chris to co-write this blog post (sharing is caring within our professional community).

Data Drives Digital Transformation Success, by Christopher A. Saavedra Tam

Today more than ever data is essential. It creates a foundation to improve the business performance and the working environment for people. To enable this, companies need to ensure that data is visible, reliable, secure, and scalable so users can improve decision-making. There is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to data management, but in the practice, there are different aspects to cover such as collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing data so the company can analyze it for business purposes.

At the same time, we hear more and more about how the companies are evaluating different levels of digital transformations. The reality is that there are many challenges. A good starting point is to understand the ways of working and identifying the right technology that will enable the company’s targets.

One of the main concerns for users and companies is compliance and privacy regulations. These are keys for success on the digital journey. It is necessary to not only comply with local and international regulations, but also to internally share specific data with specific users. This is why it is so important to be aware of the industry best practices and adapt those into the different journeys.

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Gunjan's Epilogue

I really enjoyed this conversation with Chris that covers multiple aspects of how the data enables success across digital transformations and innovation. It reminded me of another set of conversations.

This January, I was invited for an informal meeting with a member of the Google Cloud - Office of the CTO (OCTO). She and I had an interesting talk about digital transformations and innovation. I shared my cross-industry experience of over 15 years, supporting almost 40 companies across multiple industries. This included the special context I have developed in the public sector and education industries, among others, during the pandemic.

I shared the types of changes clients wish to make in their post pandemic business models, the challenges in current solution delivery models that lead to failed digital transformation attempts at the cost of long-lasting trust in technology and the hefty financial costs to client organizations, as well as the society.

I also had talks with the members of Google Customer Engineering and the Partnership teams in the Fall 2021, when I was exploring GoEmerald's partnership with tech firms. I had shared thoughts and questions regarding the partnership engagements to better align data lakes and lakehouse solution offerings to the customer organizations.