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Holiday Connect (Dec 20, 2020)

Updated: Jan 21

Watch the preview here. This post is a recap of the transform this Holiday Connect session held on Sun Dec 20, 2020 10 - 11am ET. I had scheduled 1 hour for this session and the multi-perspective discussion lasted 2.5 hours - without any sacrifice in the quality! We had representation from 5 countries, 3 continents, and 4 industries. We had 5 speakers (Teri, Nick, Devan, Tom & Gunjan) represented from the previous 'transform this' 2020 events. We also had 'transform this' MVPs - Garry, Christopher and Mario. This made for a holistic, cross-industry conversation. Watch the videos below for a practical, multi-perspective discussion with both local and global viewpoints such as:

  • the changes in employment scene during the pandemic,

  • the changing definition of inclusion & diversity in practice,

  • the predictions vs. reality among the global supply chain trends,

  • the perceived vs. realistic role of technology in the pandemic world,

  • the upcoming impact to the business models from the changes in public policy, and

  • the importance of people-focus during organizational transformations.

Virtual Coffee Goal

This event was a reflection on the 30+ events we hosted this year. We met with our speakers, the tribe and shared upcoming trends and the updates in the market.

We grabbed our respective favourite holiday drink and discussed:

  • How do our previous conversations from 2020 conversations fit together towards business resilience?

  • Looking ahead: What's in store for in 2021?

  • Reflection: Has the pandemic inspired new hobbies, creative projects and business proposals?


Inclusion & Diversity in the Pandemic World

Employment Trends During The Pandemic

Global Supply Chain Evolution During Pandemic

Business Model Impact from Changes in Public Policy

Importance of People-focus During Transformations

What's Next - Orchestrating Innovation at the Enterprise & Economy Levels

As we discussed throughout this conversation, there are a number of considerations and stakeholders involved in successfully developing, deploying and scaling innovation solutions. My focus as a professional is to answer this for my client businesses: 'how can a business build alignment with its customers, global policy makers, and other stakeholders, to work together towards a sustainable and scalable outcome from the innovation?'. This is an orchestration problem that requires strategy, governance and planning considerations.

I will host workshops in 2021 diving deeper into how enterprises can build business cases for innovation use cases, what foundational technologies are needed, how to map the desired customer journeys to the technology tools and the capabilities needed to implement these solutions at scale within the enterprise.

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Until we meet again in 2021 - stay healthy and enjoy the Holiday Season!

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