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First Leaf: Failsafe To Guard Our Customers Against Stolen Strategy, Data and AI works

Watch tower for our clients
Watch tower for our clients

If you are working with Deloitte, McKinsey, IBM etc big con-sulting using data strategy, AI governance and perspective driven organizational transformation…

Please know that you are engaging with IP stolen from GoEmerald by organized crime - something we hope to work with the governments around the globe to address for every small business. We want to ensure no one else ever faces these disgusting crimes against humanity.

We want to ensure our IP does no harm. So we designed a set of fail safes and tips to help you catch stolen work implementations that they will not know how to correct (neat, huh?). We are the first ever in tech world to invent and offer our customers this concept. When it comes to IP theft, we do not hold back punches because the harm can last for generations if disruptive tech is involved.

We will be happy to jump in and help rectify once you identify issues to collaborate with you from the start and curb misuse of our work. Remember, stolen data and AI IP is bound to create issues… the real question is when will the harm be visible and with what intensity.

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