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Build Trust With The Concerned Customer

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

As The Ontario Government announces the conditions for re-opening safely during phase-3, it is important to consider what else is top of mind for the concerned customer. This is especially true for those in retail due to the shared communal spaces.

I recently spoke at an event hosted by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, focused on preparing retail businesses for re-opening, keeping in mind that unpredictability will continue to be a part of the economic landscape. As the businesses adjust for success and prepare to support the customers, there are a few things businesses will need to review frequently to support the concerned customer.

  1. Customer Segments: Who specifically are your customers right now? Have they changed due to COVID?

  2. Customer Needs & Behaviour: What do they need the most right now and their preferences? This impacts short-term and long-term changes in customer behaviour.

  3. Customer Engagement: Are you really listening to the customers, or just pacifying them to live with your current operations? One is a road to long-term success, the other is a short-term stop-gap measure on the road to customer exit.

  4. Transformational Effort: What changes can business make in their operations for success and build trust with the concerned customer at the same time?

Roadmap for Building Trust With Concerned Customers

In my opinion, the authentic care, compassionately listening to their new needs and acknowledging these needs will set the stage for building long-term trust with them. Enabling the needs to our employees and business partners, along with outside-the-box thinking will separate the businesses that will win during this time. Success during post-COVID transformations is predicated upon how you treated your employees, business partners and customers when they needed you the most.

Here is a roadmap to building trust with the concerned customer. I had the opportunity to share this with the Ontario retail business owners at the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce event on July 14, 2020.

We can help establish and implement your post-COVID transformation towards success. Let's connect and discuss your specific transformation needs.

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